Here's Who Opposed P66's Proposal For Crude-By-Rai

The crude oil trains that would have traveled to the Nipomo Mesa in SLO County were destined to impact communities for hundreds of miles along California's coast. Therefore, the opposition was widespread. Here are the counties and cities that ultimately communicated their views with SLO County's Planning Commissioners and Supervisors.

Counties Officially Opposed 

• Alameda County
• Los Angeles County
• Monterey County
• San Luis Obispo County

• Santa Barbara County
• Santa Clara County
• Santa Cruz County
• Ventura County

Cities Officially Opposed

• Berkeley
• Camarillo
• Carpinteria
• Davis
• Emeryville
• Fremont
• Gilroy
• Goleta
• Grover Beach

• Los Angeles
• Mar Vista
• Milpitas
• Moorpark
• Morgan Hill
• Oakland
• Oxnard
• Paso Robles
• Pismo Beach
• Richmond
• Sacramento Area

       Council of Governments

• San Jose 
• San Leandro
• San Luis Obispo

• Santa Barbara
• Santa Cruz
• Santa Margarita

• Simi Valley
• Ventura

What Has Occurred - History Of The Project & Opposition 

In 2013, Phillips 66 proposed changing its business model at their Arroyo Grande, CA refinery on the Nipomo Mesa. After 60 years of receiving California crude oil by relatively safe underground pipelines, they asked San Luis Obispo County for a permit to build a rail terminal to receive cheaper, tar sands crude from Canada via rail tankers.

Citizens formed the Mesa Refinery Watch Group. We identified the many dangers and fought along with other groups to oppose the project. It took almost four years, many hearings in front of SLO County government agencies, as well fending off a Phillips 66 lawsuit. And it took opposition from eight different California counties as well as 28 cities.

But in October, 2017 it all came to an end when the company withdrew the lawsuit. The rail terminal will not be built and the crude oil trains will not traverse California's communities.

To learn the history of what occurred, go to the section History of the Project & Opposition

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What We All Must Do Now - Remain Vigilant 

While we're all pleased that the rail terminal is not being constructed, we must remain vigilant. There are no assurances that Phillips 66 will not submit a new proposal to SLO County for crude- by-rail in the future, nor some other equally objectionable plan.

Therefore, all citizens and government officials, up and down California's coast, must stay aware of the news and issues surrounding crude oil, crude oil trains, changes in regulations, and what Phillips 66 might propose.

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If and when a new threat arises, the MRWG will advise you about what's happening and what's required for all of us to overcome that threat. 

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