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LA Times article, 'A catastrophic oil train derailment in Oregon raises fears on Central Coast' - July 14, 2016

LA Times article, ‘Two sides to the oil refinery’s plan’ - January 12, 2016  (follow-up to LA Times article on Mesa Refinery Watch Group - October 23, 2015)

SLO Tribune Editorial supports Planning Department Recommendation - January 30, 2016

Santa Maria Times Cover Story "Safety on the Tracks" - November 26, 2015

Paso Robles News publishes "North County residents meet to oppose oil train rail spur" - November 10, 2015

SLO Tribune LTE - Do not understate risks of oil trains - October 23, 2015

L.A. Times article on Mesa Refinery Watch Group "To protect their homes, Nipomo retirees are taking on oil refinery" - October 23, 2015

Lois Capps touts clean energy alternatives to Phillips 66 project at Cal Poly forum  - SLO Tribune, October 16, 2015

Why are so many oil trains crashing? Track problems may be to blame - Los Angeles Times, October 7, 2015

Corporate Greed - Phillips 66 should be more truthful in its arguments about why a rail spur is necessary" - September 30, 2015

Local officials should have the courage to comment on Phillips 66 rail project - SLO Tribune Article - September 27, 2015

Packed house at Grover Beach City Council Meeting on Phillips 66 project news coverage by KSBY TV station - September 21, 2015

Pismo Beach will send letter opposing Phillips 66 oil line reported in the SLO Tribune - September 16, 2015

New Times article on Watch group urges Pismo Council to say no to oil trains - September 3, 2015

Residents pack Pismo Beach Council meeting to oppose Phillips 66 rail project article and video of MRWG presentation to the Council posted by the SLO Tribune - September 1, 2015

San Jose Mercury Editorial: Crude Oil Trains are too Dangerous for Bay Area Cities - August 25, 2015

CBS San Francisco Local News announces Santa Clara County Supervisors Opposition to Proposed Crude Oil Trains - August 25, 2015

Rail spur impacts outweigh any benefits" opinion article published in California Coast News - August 11, 2015

Central Coast oil refinery could negate local efforts to stop oil-by-rail published in Davis Enterprise (Yolo County News) - August 9, 2015

Santa Maria Sun Commentary on Civil Rights in the "blast zone" - August 5, 2015

SLO Tribune Viewpoint on the Phillips 66 Rail Spur Extension Project: Oil project will endanger our community - August 5, 2015

Surfrider Foundation newsletter highlights support to Stop the Phillips 66 oil by rail plan, August 2015.

SLO New Times Letter to the Editor by Marguerite Bader, President, League of Women Voters, SLO County - July 31, 2015

Santa Barbara Independent reports on Santa Barbara City Council vote to write anti-oil train letter - July 29, 2015

Santa Barbara Independent News "Oil Trains Pose Unacceptable Health and Safety Risks" - July 24, 2015

Viewpoint on Phillips 66 Rail Spur Extension Project by San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx - July 17, 2015

Sierra Club 2015 Blog "When Does Silence Become Scandal?" posted July 14, 2015

SLO Tribune article "Phillips 66 oil-by-rail proposal prompts a statewide outcry" published July 11, 2015

 KNTV reports on San Jose rally to protest Phillips 66 plan that would bring oil trains through their city - July 12, 2015

KCET Channel 28 Community Television in Los Angeles posts share article on Bomb Trains and Phillips 66 Plan - July 9, 2015

The Slo Coast Journal July 2010:  Big Oil's Gifts Keep on Giving - Legacy of Oil Contamination Shows the Need for a Marine Sanctuary

California Teachers Oppose Oil Trains - June 9, 2015 media release

"Getting Schooled on Oil Trains" published in NewTimesSLO on June 17, 2015

San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia article "California Nurses, Teachers oppose Phillips 66 Oil Train Project" published June 19, 2015

Mesa Refinery Watch Group Founder shares why everyone who lives, visits or has contacts with people along the railroad tracks in SLO County needs to get involved to stop the Phillips 66 rail terminal project.

Audio interview with King Harris on KVEC Radio.  Broadcast on June 6, 2015.

SLO Tribune reports on inappropriate letters by Cuesta President Gil Stork and Athletic Director Robert Mariucci

SLO Tribune Commentary - Protect SLO County, 5.27.15

Phillips 66 project opposed before, during Pismo Beach council meeting

A Hard Look At The Risks Of Transporting Oil On Rail Tanker Cars

At L.A. oil refinery, striking workers vent about long hours and stress

Oil Trains Threaten 25 Million Americans, Iconic Rivers, Wildlife

The Benicia Independent ~ crude by rail in the news

Pipeline Delivery Of Crude - Documented As Safer Than Crude-By-Rail:

Phillips 66‘s Bakken Strategy Forced Off The Tracks

Feds Turn Thumbs Down On DOT-111 Tankers; But Phillips Recently Purchased Them!

Video - What Oil Trains Would Look & Sound Like In SLO County

Video - How Oil Trains Put Communities At Risk

Video - Listen To A Survivor Of The Canadian Oil Train Disaster

Richmond Calls On Congress To Halt Crude Oil Transport Through Bay Area

California Government Officials Are Stepping Up

MRWG Member Interviewed By “Central Coast Public Radio

P66’s “REIR” (Recirculated Environmental Impact Report - 10/10/14)

Other Communities - Taking Notice Of Our Fight To Keep SLO County Safe

What’s 102 Times More Dangerous Than Normal Crude Oil? Tar Sands!

Video- KSBY TV Interviews Nipomo Mesa Residents About P66

California Attorney General Challenges The Use Of Crude-By-Rail

Residents Sue Kern County Supervisors Over Crude-By-Rail

How Far Would SLO County Have To Evacuate?

Governor’s Task Force On The Risks Of Crude-By-Rail In SLO County

Even More City Governments Are Declaring “We’re Not Going To Take It Any More!

Video - MRWG “Citizens’ Action” Meeting , Related Article

Video- Phillips’ Refinery Flares Yet Again

The Need For An “Oil Projects Cumulative Impact Analysis”