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A. What’s NEW That You Need To Know

1.  P66 Continues To Complicate And Drag Out Proceedings In State Superior Court - Page 3

2. The Appeal To The Coastal Commission For “Dunes Access” Has Been Withdrawn - Page 4

3. Californians Are In Love With Their Coast;
Why Allow Crude Oil Trains To Rob Them Of Its Magic And Beauty? - Page 4

4. P66 CEO Admits Gasoline Refining Is A Rapidly Fading Business For Them ...
So Seeking Crude-By-Rail For California Isn’t About Protecting Their “Viability” - Page 5

5. “Life Expectancy” Along CA’s Coast Is Among The Highest In The United States.
But Air Pollution From Crude Oil Trains Would Make Breathing Far Less Easy. - Page 6

6. The American Lung Association Flunks SLO County On Air Quality ...
But Oil Trains Would Increase Air Pollution Even Further, Especially On The Nipomo Mesa - Page 7

7. What Can Ruin SLO County’s Most Successful Crop? - Page 8

8. What Generates $1.6 BILLION For SLO County?
More Importantly - How Do We Protect That Major Asset? - Page 8

9. It’s Non-Stop -- Serious Railroad & Oil Industry Safety Problems - Pages 9 - 10

B. Why You Should Care About What P66 Intends For SLO County & California - Page 11

C. References - Recent Videos & News Articles - Pages 12 - 15

D. MRWG Steering Committee Members; Logistics Of This Newsletter - Page 16