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A. What’s NEW That You Need To Know

1. Settlement Reached Between SLO County & Phillips 66; The County Gives Up Nothing; The Planning Commissioners’ & Supervisors’ Rejection Stands
• What Just Happened - Page 4
• What It Means To Californians - Page 5

2. Congratulations To The Citizens And Government Officials & Staffers Of SLO County And Throughout California! - Page 6

3. How Were Citizens And Officials Able To Overcome P66’s Resources And Relationships? - Page 7

4. Where Does The Mesa Refinery Watch Group Go From Here? - Page 7

5. Yet Again, P66 Spills Crude Oil Into San Pablo Bay - Page 8

6. California Coastal Commission Expresses Serious Concerns About Dunes Dust; But Even New Mitigation Measures Are Recognized As Insufficient - Page 8

7. Damaged Pipelines That Feed The P66 Nipomo Mesa Refinery Will Be Replaced; This Removes One Of P66’s Implausible Excuses For Needing Rail Delivery Of Crude Oil - Page 9

8. P66 Supporters Cite “Energy Independence” As A Reason To Allow Crude-By-Rail; But With Extraordinary Shipments From The U.S. To China, That Excuse No Longer Exists - Page 10

9. Cal Fire Says Climate Change Will Triple The Risk Of Wildfires;
But What Type Of Oil Is A Major Contributor To Climate Change? Tar Sands! - Page 10

10. Terrorists Now Have A “How To” Guide To Derailing Trains In The United States - Page 11

11. White House Kills Plan To Test Train Operators For Sleep Disorder - Page 12

12. Be Skeptical About Big Business Being “Good Neighbors”;
Union Pacific Cuts Down Trees Shielding Residents From Railroad Tracks - Page 12

13. Here’s Why P66 Is So Desirable Of Tar Sands Oil - Page 13

14. Damage From Previous Canadian Tar Sands Rail Disasters Hasn’t Disappeared; The Next Stop For Those Harmed -- The Courtroom - Page 14

15. It’s Non-Stop -- Serious Railroad & Oil Industry Safety Problems - Pages 15 - 17

B. Why You Should Care About What P66 Intends For SLO County & California - Page 18

C. References - Recent Videos & News Articles - Pages 19 - 22

D. MRWG Steering Committee Members; Logistics Of This Newsletter - Page 23

What’s NEW That You Need To Know

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