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A. What’s NEW That You Need To Know

1. P66’s Lawsuit Vs. SLO County - The Latest Hearing Postponed From August 10th to September 21st - Page 3

2. Union Pacific Train Blocks Road/Rail Crossing For 7 Hours - Page 3

3. Update On P66’s Proposal To Increase Marine Tanker Shipments In The Bay Area - Page 4

4. U.S. Senator Proposes That Current Safety Oversight Regulations Be Crippled And Railroads Be Allowed To Oversee Themselves - Page 5

5. Temporary Use Of Crude Oil Trucks Will Continue At The Santa Maria Refinery, Despite The Local, Proven Dangers Of Such Deliveries - Page 6

6. Senior Rail Official States That Track Failure And Derailments Are Inevitable - Page 7

7. NJ Governor Opposes Oil Train Safety Bill, Saying It Would Help Terrorists  - Page 7

8. P66 Profits Rise Based On Gains In Crude Oil Refining - Page 8

9. It’s Non-Stop -- Serious Railroad & Oil Industry Safety Problems - Pages 8 - 11

B. Why You Should Care About What P66 Intends For SLO County & California - Page 12

C. References - Recent Videos & News Articles - Pages 13 - 16

D. MRWG Steering Committee Members; Logistics Of This Newsletter - Page 17