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A. The War Against Phillips 66’s Crude-By-Rail Plan - Pages 3-16
Here Are The Events That Led To Victory

B. Reactions To The Victory Over Crude-By-Rail - Pages 17 - 22

C. What’s NEW That You Need To Know 

MWRG Members Address Cal Poly Students Regarding "Civic Action" - Page 23

1. “Central Coast Economic Forecast” Recognizes That Growth Will Come From Hospitality, Retail And Other Sectors, Not Crude-By-Rail - Page 24

2. P66’s Profits From Refining Are Skyrocketing — Their Future “Viability” Seems Assured - Page 24

3. Man Jumps On Board Union Pacific Train, Attempts To Steal It - Page 25

4. Scientific Report Identifies A Far Greater Need To Inspect Railroad Tracks - Page 26

5. What Percent Of Tankers Are Now The “Safest” Kind? Less Than 10%! - Page 26 

6. It’s Non-Stop -- Serious Railroad & Oil Industry Safety Problems - Pages 27 - 28

D. What Phillips 66 Intended For SLO County & California - Page 29

E. References - Recent Articles & Videos - Pages 30 - 33

F. MRWG Steering Committee Members; Logistics Of This Newsletter - Page 34

What’s NEW That You Need To Know